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Finally! a Premium Rate Service Provider Dedicated Solely to High Volume Premium Rate Users...

Do you like many others high volume premium rate users get frustrated with your Premium Rate Provider as you receive pretty much the same payouts and level of customer service than those who generate no more than 50 - 100 minutes per month? - Well you're not alone! Many users are tired of the bog standard treatment they receive from their provider even though their the ones generating 10 to 100 times more revenue for the provider than the standard client! But there is a provider that not only offers great rates & onsite 121 support but also assists you grow your premium rate business to the next level. How? >>

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Generous Premium Rate Payouts

Wouldn't it be great if you could receive excellent rates, great client support and access to the most sophisticated telephony and SMS platforms in the UK? Well that's you receive if you qualify to become a Phonenumbers4u Platinum Client but not only that you also receive access to the Payout Policing service which ensures you are ALWAYS receiving the very best payouts. I Want Higher Payouts >>>

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Dedicated Account Managers

Do you receive 24hr access to your Account Manager, benefit from personal visits, onsite training, 3hr email reply and 121 advice from a Premium Rate Expert with your current provider? Thought not. And these are just some of the benefits that you're missing out on. What else am I missing out on? >>>

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Leading Telephony & SMS Platforms

Thanks to strong relationships and strategic alliances in the Premium Rate Industry Platinum Clients continually receive access to the latest and most sophisticated telephony and SMS platforms long before the masses (meaning your competitors). Along with 24/7 access to your Call Statistics, Platinum Clients are also set up as "Administrators" instead of "Promoters" which enables you to have privileged access to areas that others are not authorized to view. Can I receive access to these platforms? >>>

>>> Spaces On Phonenumbers4u's Platinum Client Programme Is Strictly Limited for 2007 So Apply Now! <<<


Phonenumbers4u is registered with Premium Rate Regulator ICSTIS as an Official Premium Rate Service Provider.


Phone: 0800 634 85 85